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Our mission is to create a shared plan for saving the planet’s most exceptional wild places.


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We are dedicated to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone—with ZERO upfront costs.* Your home can become its own tiny power station and generate plenty of reliable energy, all while reducing your electricity bill. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your greener lifestyle will help your state achieve its renewable energy goals.

Solar Solutions Advisors LLC

We’re committed to a long-term relationship.  That’s why our installation of the solar and roofing is of great quality! We will always be a phone call away. If your solar system ever breaks, we will send someone out to fix it.
The individual components of the solar system are warranted by the solar equipment manufacturers and we provide service against any roof leaks related to roof solar system penetrations.***

Financial Sense

Did you know utility prices have on average increased 20% in the past 10 years, while the cost of residential solar has decreased by 50%?

Choosing to go solar can make great financial sense as it allows you to generate power at a lower cost than buying electricity from a utility, and you also have predictability in your production.

Added Value

For every dollar you invest in a solar system, your home’s value increases on average by $1.85. No other home improvement promises that high of a return.

Solar panels typically pay for themselves in six to nine years and increase the resale value of a house on average by about $15,000. Don’t forget—this is money you’re going to spend anyway!?

Make A Difference

By switching over to solar power and depending on clean energy, we can majorly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

Going a little greener saves the United States in healthcare and environmental cleanup costs—and we can feel a little better about our future and the choices we make.

Your solar is low-cost  , clean, reliable energy your family can depend on.

Most common concerns people have about their energy bills… Tired of Seeing Your Energy Bill Rise Each Month? Switch to Solar!  Put the Sun to Work for You  Go Solar and Save Up to 50% on Your Energy Cost Stop Throwing Money Away Each Month on High Utility Bills!


Dollars Saved By Our Customers 


Solar panels installed 


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Take Control

Of Your Electric Bill.

Added Value

To Your Property.

Go Green

With Renewable Energy.

Low Maintenance

No Moving Parts. No Wear And Tear.

Solar Solutions has you covered with installation financing & warranties

Hassle-free Installation

Our cost for installation is a little to $0 down, and you get solar panels on your roof with a new reduced electric rate.

Low Interest Financing   

Low-Interest Rates Are Available! Flexible loan terms range from 5 to 30 years.


We have relationships with every major solar finance and lease program available to give you the best possible pricing.


NO HIDDEN FEES or pre-payment penalties.

***The terms pertaining to the amount of compensation will be stated in your contract. Depending on the state of the customer’s roof or if a customer has signed a roof penetration waiver due to having an existing roof in poor condition

Tax Incentives Make Solar More Affordable Than Ever

The Federal Government Wants Homeowners To Go Solar. In Fact, The Federal Government Is Offering A 26% Federal Tax Incentive Credit** For You To Switch To Solar.

Depending On Where You Live, Other Incentives And Rebates May Be Available Too.

Reach Out To Us And We'll Let You Know Exactly What Your Options And Benefits Are. 

**In Order For A Customer To Qualify For A Benefit From The Federal Tax Incentive Credit, The Customer Must Earn Taxable Income Beginning The Year The Solar System Is Operational And Customers Should Consult With Their Tax Professional To See If They Qualify For The Federal Tax Incentive Credit.

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